Inner Game Of VO


A message for beginning and experienced voice talent…


“Is nasty ‘Head Trash’ keeping you
 from enjoying Voice Over Success?

Tuesday, 8:30am

From: Susan Berkley, Englewood Cliffs, NJ



Dear Friend,


My hand is trembling a little as I write this because I'm sharing a piece of my journey you may not be aware of and it's very personal.


You likely already know the story of my success: I started my voice over business from a tiny studio apartment in  New York City while working a series of undignified day jobs (selling deodorant crystals to funeral homes, delivering singing telegrams on a sweltering July day dressed as a Christmas Elf, being humiliated on the air as  Howard Stern’s traffic reporter) and how my career evolved into a multi-million dollar voice over business including high profile jobs for AT&T and Citibank.


My life is truly blessed and my blessings have allowed me to help my family, contribute generously to causes I care about, spend 6 weeks a year in Brazil and enjoy the good life.


For years I've been sharing my voice over  success secrets in my weekly Inside Voice Over  Ezine, videos,  Teleclasses, Bootcamps and  coaching programs.  


But there's a side of the story I haven't shared before...


It's the REAL inside personal journey that began in 1982. You see, a difficult marriage and crippling panic attacks caused me to cry out for help and fortunately  I received an answer.


I met my mentor, the renowned Brazilian scientist Dr Norberto Keppe,  became a serious student of his amazing body of work and started to apply  his carefully researched and proven principles of  health and success to my work and my life.   From  that day forward, I gradually developed the confidence, peace of mind and the inner strength I needed to face life’s difficult moments and guide my business to ever increasing levels of success.


Now like anyone I’ve experienced some real challenges  (and dramatic  ones, too!), but I noticed that as long as I stayed true to what my inner life was trying to show me and  Keppe’s proven principles,  I steered clear of any real trouble.


Along the way I vowed to learn everything I could about this remarkable science of self discovery and realization from Brazil, and promised myself that one day I'd share it completely. I've revealed bits and pieces here and there in my training programs, but I never presented it in an  organized manner  until now.


So if you're ready to go beyond the  superficial self-help advice  (the kind with a short shelf-life) and finally get the support and coaching you need to stop holding yourself back so you can really achieve the massive success you’ve been dreaming of…  you're going to love my brand new program...


The Inner Game of Voice Over


After analyzing my own experience, and  mentoring hundreds of beginning and experienced voice talents to help  them overcome the challenges they face, I’ve  realized that...


We all  have a hidden, sometimes self-destructive part of ourselves we don’t see clearly, a part of ourselves we can’t yet control because it’s out of view. To put it bluntly, we often  unconsciously act against our own best interests.


Yet  it’s NOT because of the fear of success as you’re about to see.


So tell me truthfully. Have you ever…


  • Been plagued by nagging  doubts about your ability to achieve your hopes and dreams of a successful voice over career?
  • Suffered debilitating nerves behind the mic?
  • Secretly wondered if you were good enough and could give the client what they wanted?
  • Couldn’t seem to get organized and get your voice over career in gear?
  • Procrastinated and waited until it was almost too late to do what you’d been dreaming about for years?
  • Suffered call reluctance and been unable to call agents or others who could advance your career?
  • Suddenly lost your voice or developed a painful problem with your mouth. teeth  or jaw before an important voice over session or audition?
  • Lost sleep worrying about your competition and whether you would ever make it in this business?



If so, you’re not alone. These problems are more common than you think. Here’s why…


Whenever you want to improve your life—be it starting a business, growing your enterprise, ending a difficult relationship,  leaving a stifling job or committing to a better, healthier life—it often comes with a newfound demand for increased courage and faith, and dealing with fears, doubt, worry.


THIS, most often, is the part that gets in our way! (I'll explain more about this in a moment.)


And while I mostly mentor voice talent, the same problems hold people back in every field of endeavor.


Yet even though there is more information  available out there than ever before on how to become healthy and  successful it doesn’t seem to be doing much good, does it?


Just look around you. Divorce, depression, obesity, childhood behavior problems, unemployment and frustration are everywhere.


It's obvious that mere  positive thinking and  following a handbook of  how-to's is not going to solve our problems.  If it were, we would have solved them  a long, long time ago.


There’s something deeper, and even hidden, going on that keeps people from enjoying happy, healthy successful lives. And this is  what we’ll explore together in my exciting new “Inner Game of Voice Over” training


This program is for you if…

  • You’re a beginning or experienced voice talent committed to success and you want  to give yourself every edge to make this work!
  • You’ve been suffering with lingering self doubt and you’re ready for a BIG break through
  • You know success and prosperity  is an INSIDE GAME you want to play!
  • You’re mired in procrastination and confusion. You need help to get unstuck!
  • You’re  a life time learner looking to deepen your understanding of  human nature and  what makes yourself tick
  • You’re committed to success and you’ll do whatever it takes to make it…big!
  • You know your talent is a gift and you want to glorify The Creator by sharing your gift


If that’s YOU, I can’t wait for you to join me on this journey!




Class 1: Thursday March 22
The Inner Game of Voice over PERFORMANCE:
How to nurture and develop your talent in action

  • The sacred roots of your talent and why you MUST share your gift or suffer the consequences
  • Nagging doubts about your voice? Do you compare yourself to others and come up short? I’ll bust some myths about competition and introduce you to the happy  truth about your signature sound.
  • Suffering from performance anxiety (even just a little?) I’ll help you  feel as comfortable behind the mic as you do on your living room sofa!
  • Having a love/hate relationship with auditions? Are you driving yourself crazy trying to do them right? We’ll get to the bottom of WHY this happens so you’ll feel inspired and confident every time.
  • Can’t seem to get that annoying “announcer sound” out of your voice? Struggling with being more conversational?  The reason why is  not what you think!  With the mindset shift you’ll make in this program I guarantee big breakthroughs in this important voice over skill set…and much, much more!


Class 2: Thursday March 29

The Inner Game of Voice Over PROSPERITY
How to set your course for voice over prosperity and  success!

  • Is there a voice over money mindset? You bet there is!  But it’s not what you think. We’ll uncover your deepest ideas about money and success and the surprising ways many  talent  unconsciously block prosperity
  • Why  its so tough to set your rates and ask for what you deserve (and what to do when people say they  don’t want to pay what you ask)
  • How to become a black belt master of organization and follow-through (HINT: it has nothing to do with your “smart phone” or day planner. You’ll learn my Inner Game secrets for staying focused and on track even if your busy schedule keeps you running from dawn to dusk).
  • The #1 Myth  about the FEAR OF SUCCESS and why what you’ve being doing to overcome it isn’t working…I’ll  help set you straight and guide you  in the right direction
  • How to overcome even the worst case of procrastination and what to do when you’re stuck in a rut getting ready to get ready (or GRTGR as I call it.) so you can enjoy a lasting burst of  productivity.
  • Having a tough time picking up the phone and making those marketing calls? We’ll get to the root of the problem so you can  beat call reluctance forever…and much, much more!


Class 3: Thursday April 3

The Inner Game of Voice Over WISDOM

How to maintain unshakeable poise and  peace of mind  in an often turbulent world

  • What to do when family and friends are less than supportive of  your voice over career and why they act the way they do.
  • (No woo-woo. I promise) How to have a good day, every day…starting NOW
  • When your very best is not good  enough: how to handle the session from Hell
  • Dealing with problem clients and the occasional melt-down so you can get everyone smiling again.
  • How to understand the  mysterious “counter force” that seems to crop up just when everything is starting to go  your way. This one’s deep but I’ll hold your hand and walk you through it.
  • The link between success and your physical health (for better or worse!) and a look at some common stress related difficulties that can affect the sound of your voice and what to do about it.
  • How I overcame panic attacks and crippling anxiety without medication.  What  I know now that I wish I knew then to  help you calm your fears.
  • Why NOW is the perfect time to start or grow your own voice over business and the good news about your future…and much, much more!


Class 4:  Thursday April 12

Live Q&A Call with Susan Berkley


All training calls are at 8 pm ET (7 CT, 6 MT, 5 PT)

Have to miss a call? Don’t worry!. Everything will be recorded and archived on the course website so you can download, listen and access the training  again and again.  The course site will never expire.


NEW to voice over? Great! Now is  the PERFECT Time to discover the Inner Game of Voice Over Success!


If you're a beginner, you actually have an advantage. You'll save yourself years of trial and error frustration because you have this information now, BEFORE you launch your business. You won't waste precious  time or money on strategies that just don't work. You will learn from someone who understands The  Voice Over Success Mindset and the best way to help you get it into your DNA


OR...are you a voice over veteran? That's great too... If you’re not enjoying the income and success you hoped for  it could be because you’re trying to do what you’ve always done, expecting different results. 


You and I both know that this is the definition of insanity.


It’s time to stop having one foot on the accelerator and one foot on the gas and to really EMBRACE voice over success and the satisfaction and prosperity it can bring,


It's Finally Time You Got Clued in to the Inner Game of Voice Over Success!


I work with all types of Great Voices who benefit tremendously from my marketing strategies. Some of them have already started their voice over business. And some of them are starting with a dream.


But no matter where you are in your  voice over career, I guarantee my scientifically based Inner Game strategies will work for you. But don't take my word for it…


Here are just a few of the success stories we've received from people who have participated in my various voice over courses and programs over the past few years...



Renee Basile

"I was extremely impressed with everything!"


I learned so much: techniques, how to approach the voice over industry, marketing, etc. Susan shows you exactly what to put into the script to take it to the next level. You need Susan's coaching!

Renee Basile
Warwick, NY


Cynthia Manning

"The studio work takes you to the next level!"


Susan and her team are so passionate about what they do. I'm really excited to pursue my new career in voice over! This was so much fun!

Cynthia Manning
North Plainfield, NJ


Brad Kirsch

"This was a complete jumpstart!"


Susan is very informative and gives wonderful constructive feedback on your performance behind the mic. If you want to get started in voice over, these are the professionals to learn from. This experience completely exceeded my expectactions.

Brad Kirsch,
Philadelphia, PA

Rachel Collins

"Susan really helped me come out of my shell"


Even though I'm a shy person and it takes a lot to put myself out there, Susan makes you feel extremely comfortable behind the mic. She provides a very casual, relaxed atmosphere. You feel free to be yourself. Susan and Moneen really encourage you to develop your gifts.

Rachel Collins,
Yonkers, NY

Christy San Giovanni

"This is a must!"


You will get an eye opening experience and a look into the whole voice over industry. Susan shows you exactly how to market yourself to be successful in your voice career.

Christy San Giovanni,
Branchburg, NJ

When you enroll in  my "Inner Game of Voice Over " Teletraining you receive:

  • 3 CALLS with me, Susan Berkley, walking you through my complete Inner Game training  for your voice over success. (Calls will be around 60-70 minutes each, and they are recorded for you, so don't worry about your schedule!)

  • A Q&A CALL on which I'll personally answer YOUR questions
  • HANDOUTS AND WORKSHEETS for every call, including your "Inner Game" mind map to help you follow along and retain what you learn
  • MP3 RECORDINGS of all calls, so you can listen to them over and over on your computer, iPod, or MP3 player. (CD’s of the course may be purchased for a small surcharge)

 Now, one thing I always like to do is reward those who take fast action. Being decisive is one of the most important skills you need to become successful in voice over and in life, and it's absolutely a skill you can and should cultivate. That's why I'm offering a special FAST-ACTION BONUS when you sign up for "The Inner Game of Voice Over” today, so get ready to take action!


Be one of the  first 27 people to register and  receive a certificate for a Comprehensive 30 minute GET UNSTUCK coaching call with  Susan Berkley. Bring your most frustrating head trash to this private coaching call and I’ll do what I can to help

 (Value: $600)



Be one of the first 100 people to enroll in  "The Inner Game of Voiceover ", and receive a digital download of my exclusive interview with time management expert Julie Steinbacher called “Chunk It: Time Management Techniques For Voice Over Success: Learn How To Chunk Your Time, Energy And Presence To Achieve Peak Performance!”

Julie Steinbacher is a busy Mom and elder law attorney with a thriving practice and heavy case load. She developed her now famous “Chunk it!” system out of sheer necessity and now shares it with busy professionals and overwhelmed  creative solopreneurs around the country.

Julie’s groundbreaking and unique CHUNK IT!  time management tips are for you if you are:

  • Stressed and overwhelmed because you cannot get everything done (especially as it relates to your voice over career!)
  • Neglecting yourself, your friends and your family
  • Feeling that there just isn’t enough of you to go around
  • Trying to be all things to all people all the time

You’re going to love this interview and thank me for introducing you to Julie’s techniques!

I’m in Susan! When do we begin?


My "Inner Game of Voice Over " Tele-training will take place March 22 & 29 and April 5th. The Live Q&A Bonus call will take place April 12th.



If you're not 100% satisfied with "The Inner Game of Voice Over"simply contact my team to let us know you'd like a refund by midnight of the evening of our first call together. I'll give you a full refund; no questions asked 

And that's my promise!

So, are you ready to master The Inner Game of Voice Over?


Listen, I know how scary it can be to start your own voice over business or money hobby. I've been there, and I've felt alone and confused about what to do next. I only WISH someone had taken my hand and walked me down the fast track to actually doing this right from the start. It would have saved me so much money, so much stress and taken years off the learning curve.


And I hope you realize what a bargain this is. You could hire a career coach and spend hundreds of dollars for just one hour of advice. But why would you, when you can get a simple, proven plan in your hands in an easy-to-follow format for a FRACTION of that price?


It's really a "no brainer" to enroll in The Inner Game of Voice Over Success.

It's something you can use right now and a valuable addition to your success library for the future as well. I'm not teaching fads that will come and go. I teach proven strategies that will work for YEARS to come.


And I'm sure you can agree that with such a low investment, The Inner Game of Voice Over  will more than pay for itself many times over!


Let me take YOU by the hand in this teletraining You too can grow your voice over business without struggle and use what you learn on these calls for the rest of your career.


Sign up for The Inner Game Of VO now for just 3 easy payments of  $117 (or save $104 when you pay in full at $247). PLUS, be one of the first 27 people to register and get a GET UNSTUCK consultation with me and  be one of the first 100 people and receive a digital download of my exclusive interview with time management expert Julie Steinbacher.


Space is limited! Reserve your spot NOW! First class begins Thursday March 22 at 8pm (ET).


Just click on the secure order link below, and we'll reserve your spot in my  "The Inner Game of Voice Over” right away!


I can’t wait to get to know you and help you  on these calls.


To your voice over success,



  No more head trash! Take the fast track to success by mastering The Inner Game of Voice Over. I’ll show you how in this exciting new step-by-step teletraining starting Thursday March 22 


  Hurry! Be one of the first 27 people to register and I’ll personally help you GET UNSTUCK in a private one-in-one coaching call. Grab your seat now!!



Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don't apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money. 

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